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Chapter Two: Noah and the Noahide Laws

 Jesus never once, in all his teachings, uttered the word “Grace”, yet Christians have taken the doctrine of grace to the ends of the earth, in the name of Jesus. Jesus was certainly familiar with this doctrine, found in Torah, yet he didn’t teach it to his disciples. Grace is the doctrine of Moses and Torah and not of Christ. In Allah’s Torah, grace and judgment are the left and right hand of Allah, a decidedly dualistic god who openly confesses that he is both good and evil. He kills and he makes alive.  He blesses and he curses. He offers you grace in one hand or judgment in the other, peace or the sword.
The sons of Allah know him as the first and the last, the giver of life and the causer of death, the afflicter and the benefiter, the revenger and the judge.

Jesus did not teach the dualistic god of grace and judgment, but taught his disciples a god who was one nature.  Jesus taught that his father loves his enemies as he loves his friends, for there is no hatred in him.  He is one nature.  He sends rain (blessing) on the just and the unjust alike, for he is no respecter of men and in him is no jealousy, cursing or prejudice.  He judges and kills no one, but grants forgiveness and life to all. The father of Jesus Christ is not the dualistic god of Torah. The Father that Jesus taught you to worship is ONE nature in the same manner Eastern Enlightenment sages are one nature. He is only light, for there is no darkness, or duality, in him.

To the followers of Moses in Jerusalem, who believed Allah’s Torah and worshipped a dualistic god who kills, steals and destroys, Jesus said “Your Father (god) is not my Father (god)”,  “You have not known my Father”, “If God were your Father, you would love me” and “Your Father (god) is the Devil”.  Jesus stated plainly that the god of Moses was not his Father and clearly identified the dualistic god of Torah, who stones adulteresses and wages jihad against the nations, as the devil. It could not be any clearer than what is written. Jesus did not worship the god of Moses neither was he the son of Allah, for as it is written, Allah has no son.

Grace is first mentioned in Genesis, in the parable of Noah, who found grace in the eyes of God.  Scripture says Noah was just and perfect and walked with the Eloh-im. Noah was a servant of Allah, meaning he stoned adulteresses to death, beheaded blasphemers and waged jihad against the nations.  Indeed, in Hebrew, it is written of Noah “The three sons of Noah beat in pieces, shattered and broke the earth.” (Genesis 6:19).  Look it up in your concordance. When the disciples of Jesus asked him about the impending destruction of the temple in Jerusalem, Jesus pointed them to the story of Noah.  We need to understand this story as Jesus understood it. 

According to the Catholic Encyclopedia, Scribes were professional interpreters of the Law of Moses. They were Levites (Hamas) who taught the Law of Moses in the Jewish synagogues. We know that through the declination of language, the Levites known as Pharisees came to be called Farsi’s.  Farsi’s are disciples of Moses, called Moshe-lems. Jesus came to the Jews in Jerusalem and taught them saying “The Scribes and the Pharisees (Moshe-lems) sit in the seat of Moses (The Sanhedrin)… They are serpents and children of vipers who cannot escape the condemnation of hell…they travel land and sea to win one proselyte and when he is won, he is twice the son of hell as they are…They shut up the kingdom of heaven against men and neither go in themselves nor do they allow those who would enter to go in…They are fools and blind.” Matthew 23.

The Sanhedrin of Jerusalem was composed of 72 Torah scholars called Rabbis. They were Hamas, Levites, disciples of Moses and sons of Allah. Jesus openly condemned them, calling them devils, children of hell and blind guides. Using the Noahide laws, which Hamas had established in Jerusalem, the Sanhedrin legally and rightfully accused Jesus of Blasphemy and Sabbath breaking and executed him. You need to understand this.  Your false teachers have taught you that Jesus was a Torah observant Jew who was displeased with the scribes and Pharisees because they had lost the “spirit of the law”. Let me ask you this, how do you stone women in the proper spirit?  How do you behead a man in the proper spirit? Jesus came to warn the Jews of Jerusalem that Hamas had infiltrated their government and their churches. He taught them that the laws of Allah’s Torah, established in Jerusalem by the Sanhedrin (Hamas) were not holy. Torah law itself is sin.  Stoning women to death is sin.  Executing people for worshipping a different god or for blaspheming your god is sin and murder. Jesus didn’t teach or do these things. Those who practice the Law of Moses walk in the spirit of Hamas, violence, judgment and retribution, because the law itself is the law of Hamas (violence, terrorism) and is sin. You have seen Allah’s Torah practiced in Islam and watched the violent sons of Hamas subjugate the nations of the Middle East. You have judged the Law of Moses and Hamas to be sin and those who practice it worthy of death. You are witnesses unto yourselves.

Two thousand years after the death of Jesus, the Sanhedrin (Hamas) has been re-established in the modern day land of Israel. According to the Israel National News, the stated goal of the Sanhedrin (Hamas) is to bring about the destruction of Christianity, through the Noahide laws. “The goal is to…transform the Noahide movement from a religious phenomenon, into a powerful international movement that can successfully compete with and help bring about the fall of any religious movement but the pure authentic faith that was given to humanity through Noah.”  The Sanhedrin, who executed Jesus for Sabbath breaking and blasphemy 2000 years ago, has now declared war upon the followers of Christ, worldwide. They intend to destroy Christianity through the Noahide laws.  The congress of the United States of America has already passed the Noahide resolution into legislation.  Jesus called these laws “the beginning of sorrows”.

The Noahide laws do not explicitly appear in the story of Noah.  While they can be found among the 613 laws of Moses, their origin is the Babylonian Talmud. Talmud means “teachings”, therefore the Babylonian Talmud is a book containing the legal teachings, or laws, of Babylon. Make no mistake. The Noahide laws, written in the Babylonian Talmud, are the doctrines of Babylon and Islam.  They are not found in the Jewish Talmud, because no such document exists. There is no Jewish Talmud, no Jewish book of teachings. The teachings of the Talmud are Babylonian. In Torah, the Hebrew word for the great dragon that declares war on the followers of Christ is Tanniyn.  The root of Tanniyn is “Tan”. Tan refers to the Tanakh, which includes the five books of Moses, the writings of the prophets and the teachings, or Talmud. The suffix of Tann-iyn is closely related to the suffix “iym” mentioned in the previous chapter and means “relating to”. Thus, the word Tann-iyn (dragon) literally means “relating to the Tanakh”, or “those who are with the Tanakh”.  The sages who wrote the Talmud and the Noahide laws are called Tannaim, the phonetic equivalent of Tanniyn, the dragon.

The seven Noahide laws, currently on the books in America, are the laws of Babylon, the great dragon, the Tannaim, who deceives the entire earth and these laws will destroy America as surely as they have destroyed the Middle East. Anti-blasphemy laws destroy freedom of speech and are punishable by beheading.  Sabbath laws destroy freedom of religion.  Religious courts destroy civil liberties. The accused is tried before a panel of Torah judges, without a jury, and is not allowed to testify in his own behalf.  Sexual morality laws destroy gender equality and. include anti-sodomy and anti-adultery laws. Anti-idolatry laws include mandates against drinking alcohol and tattooing oneself. They require the destruction of cities considered to be idolatrous and the destruction of buildings and monuments (churches, statues and artwork) that are idolatrous.  The Noahide laws effectively outlaw the worship of Jesus, Buddha, Lao Tzu and every Hindu god, for they forbid the worship of any god but the god of Torah, who is Allah. If you allow these laws to pass over your land, you will be destroyed.  America will become the spitting image of Saudi Arabia and you will witness your daughters being stoned in the streets of America and your sons beheaded for their faith in Christ.

When we study the story of Noah, as it is written, we find that Noah did not build a boat.  Noah built a house or temple called the Ark of the Covenant. It was a three story high wooden box covered in black pitch. It was in fact the Holy Ka’aba of Mecca. If you are not familiar with the Ka’aba of Mecca it is the most holy place of Islam.  It is a large cube covered in black that sits inside the Grand Mosque in Makkah, Saudi Arabia. Muslims across the world face the Ka’aba when praying and during the annual pilgrimage called Hajj, visit Mecca to circumambulate the Ka’aba seven times.

Jews who observe Allah’s Torah wear the image of the Ka’aba of Allah on their foreheads and in their hands.  Their phylacteries, or Tefillin, are small black cubes which are the image of the Ka’aba and contain tiny scrolls upon which are written verses from the Torah of Allah.  The hand Tefillin is bound to the arm with a strap wrapped around the ring finger of the left hand and is a covenant of marriage with the god of Israel, who is Allah. The five compartments of the Tefillin, four in the head Tefillin and one in the hand Tefillin, represent the five pillars of Islam.

Noah did not gather giraffe and elephants into a boat. He gathered men who were beasts, the violent, the covetous, the murderers, liars, adulterers and the lawless into the Ark of the Covenant. Noah gathered them to the Ark “two by two”, a phrase known to Torah observant Jews as “totafot”. Totafot (two by two) is used to describe the four compartments of the head Tefillin.  Noah gathered the beasts to the Ark with the image of the ark of Mekka, tefillin. He gathered them in the name of Jehovah and married them to Allah. Then he killed all those he had promised to keep alive. It was treachery and deceit.

Noah is an acronym for New Order At Hand.  George Herbert Walker Bush introduced the New World Order to Americans September 11, 1990, with his infamous New World Order Speech.  Exactly 11 years later, on September 11, 2001, terror rained down on American soil, providing his son, George W. Bush, the opportunity to institute The Patriot Act, which was a declaration of war against America and anarchy against its government of the people, for the people and by the people. Subsequently, George W. Bush and the U.S. congress ratified the Noahide resolution.  It was the beginning of sorrows for America and the world. The Noahide laws are Islamic. The more closely you try to adhere to these laws the more despotic your society will become, because the Noahide laws are sin, murder, judgment, theft, oppression and Islamo-fascism. The New World Order Bush regime also targeted seven Middle Eastern nations for regime change.  One of the 613 laws of the “Jews” is “To exterminate the seven Canaanite nations and not to keep alive any individual of the seven Canaanite nations.” America, your leaders have been legislating Torah Law from the White House. You are a nation under occupation by a foreign government and that government is Hamas.

In the gospels, Jesus states that during the time of Noah they were marrying and giving in marriage. Understand that the hand Tefillin, worn by Torah observant Jews, is bound around the ring finger of the left hand and is a covenant of marriage to the god of Moses, who is Allah. Jesus states that in those days, twins will be in the land.  He is referring to Simeon and Levi, the infamous twins of Jacob who brought shame upon Israel. The Levites are Muslims and the Simeon-ites (Semites) call themselves Jews. In Matthew 24:40 Jesus says “Then twins will be in your land. One will be taken in marriage and the other will be left behind. They are twins.  Both grind the same millstone (they do the same work), but one will be accepted and taken in marriage and the other will be rejected and left behind.”  And this is where we find ourselves today.  We know the twins as Islam and Judaism.  They are mirror images of each other.  Torah is Sharia. Both terms refer to the Law of Moses which is the Law of Hamas. Both religions worship the god of Moses, who is Allah, and yet we have made a covenant with Judah, and called them life, and have judged their twin, Islam, terrorists worthy of death.  There is no difference between the two. If you have not judged these the same, you are blind and have greatly erred.

Jesus also states that in the day of Noah they were “eating and drinking” and warns his apostles not to eat and drink with the drunken. He is warning them not to eat and drink with Noah, who is described as drunken with wine in Genesis 9:21.  The verse immediately above it, verse 20, has been mistranslated. When translated as it is written it reads “Noah profaned and defiled the men of the land and established destruction and desolation.” Your bible most certainly says that Moses established a vineyard. The word vineyard is “kerem” in the original text.  According to Strong’s Concordance, it is a word of uncertain origin. It is, in fact, the phonetic rendering of the word “charam”, meaning extermination, desolation, utter destruction and genocide. From this correct translation, we understand that Noah established the abomination of desolation spoken of by Jesus. “When you see the abomination of desolation  established in the Holy place… flee from Judea, for then will be great tribulation.”

  Jesus told his apostles to watch. They were not to make covenants of marriage with Torah, be bound by Tefillin, or accept the Laws of Noah, for these Laws are the beginning of sorrows and great tribulation. The Noahide laws destroy and utterly ruin every land over which they pass, for they are the curse of Levi and Hamas that passes over all the earth. Regarding the Ark of Noah, Jesus told his apostles to stay behind and not to board the Ark. The phrase “He who endures to the end will be saved” can be equally translated as “He who is left behind will be saved.”


According to Rabbis, the word Tanak is an acronym taken from the words Torah (the teachings), Nevi’im (the prophets), and Keturim (the writings).  However, the word Taanach, the phonetic equivalent of Tanak, also appears in the Bible seven times as a whole word, not an acronym.  Taanach means “sand” and is allegedly a city of Canaan.

This provides us with some interesting insight.  In Allah’s Torah, Abraham was told that his offspring would be multiplied “as the sand (Taanach) of the sea".  In the parable of the wise man and the foolish man, Jesus warned us that any house built upon sand (Taanach) would not stand, but would be destroyed.  Jesus explained that when the flood of Noah came, the house built upon Tanak (sand) fell.The wise man built his house upon a rock.  His house was not destroyed when the flood came. 

 While Islam would like you to believe that The Dome of the Rock, or the Black Stone at Mecca are "the rock", and the Jews would have you believe that Tanak or Torah is the rock, Jesus was clear about identifying the rock that is a sure foundation.  The name Peter means rock. The apostle Peter desired to be the greatest among the disciples, but Jesus told Peter he had no understanding of the things of god and even called Peter Satan when he suggested killing the enemies of Christ. In a scathing rebuke against Peter's design to lead the church of Christ, Jesus, the rock, stood toe to toe with Peter, the rock, and pointing to himself said to Peter “Upon THIS rock, will I build MY church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.” Jesus is the true rock and the foundation which cannot be moved.

The word Muslim means "submitted".  What and who are Muslims submitted to?  Allah and the Law of Moses.  When you have accepted the Noahide laws into your land, you will be Muslims, a nation submitted to the Law of Moses. The Arabic word Mushlam means "perfect".  If you were to read the scripture regarding Noah in Arabic, it would read "Noah was a just man, in the way of the Mushlams, and he walked with the Elahh-im (the Caliphate of Allah)."

Hamas is not an Islamic terrorist group.  Hamas is the name of Israeli Mossad, whose proper name is Hamossad, Hamas-Mossad.  Hamas-Mossad is the Israeli secret service whose covert specialty is infiltrating foreign governments at the highest levels and overthrowing nations. They accomplish this by attaining positions of legislative power and replacing the constitutions of sovereign nations with  Jewish Noahide and Torah law, which is sharia. America is an occupied nation. You are occupied by Israeli Hamas who is legislating Torah Law from Capitol Hill and using your tax dollars to subjugate every sovereign Middle Eastern nation to the Law of Moses, which is sharia.  In each of the Middle Eastern nations we have "liberated", we have not deposed sharia law, but have established it by force, at gun point, with bombs. 



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