The Revelation of Jesus the Christ


In the Revelation of Jesus Christ, John describes the one who walks among the seven churches of Asia. He is the eighth, but is one with the seven churches.  John is describing the golden statue of Buddha.

In the Tongues of the Nations
The Old Testament was not penned in Hebrew and neither was the New Testament penned in Greek.  The scriptures have been translated into these languages, but are written in the ancient tongues of the nations including Sanskrit, Pali, Layil, Tamil, Tibetan, Latin, Spanish, Arabic, Greek, Hebrew, French, Italian, etc.
A good example of this occurs in Revelation 1:15, which contains the Greek word for feet, the Latin word for man, the Sanskrit word for brass and the Spanish word for Way, all within a single verse.
Because the book is written in the tongues of the nations, without  a code key an exact interpretation may be impossible.  However, we can find among the words, fingers pointing to the moon.  They are not the moon, but they point to it.
It is important that you study the golden image of Gotama Sakyamuni, the Buddha, as you read the following translation from the Revelation of John, in which he reveals the son of man, using the tongues of every nation, kindred, tongue and people.   John is describing this image.
Revelation 1:13

And in the middle of the seven lights was one corresponding to the son, a man of India.
And he had a golden yoke between his breasts, and upon his head was a light, the light of the Himalayas, and his eyes were like flames of fire, and at his feet was incense. And he lighted the Way. And his language was as the tongues of many nations.
And in he himself was the right hand of power, and the seven lights, and from his mouth came the sharp two edged sword.  And his aura was like the sun, and in him was power.
….And he said “Fear not.  I existed from the beginning, and in the end, I will appear again, and show myself to the dead.  Behold, I am the breath of those with eternal life.  The faithful and true are mine forever and ever.”……

Revelation 6:2

And I looked and beheld the light, upon a horse, even Gotama (Buddha) with a bow in his hand.  He was a prince, and a kingdom was entrusted to him.  But he departed from his kingship and went forth to conquer death and hell, and he conquered them. (FYI: this is the actual story of Gotama's life. He attained enlightenment and taught the principle of oneness 500 years before Jesus was born).

Revelation 1:7
….I am the beginning OF the end OF the Ark…..

Revelation 1:1
Disclosing the truth of Jesus Christ, that God himself revealed, to expose to the eyes of his servants that which is good, necessary and proper.
With tashes he appeared from the stars, the offspring of God and a messenger and servant to John, who is an eyewitness of the word of God and testifies of Jesus the Messiah.  Blessed and happy is he who understands and hears the words of this writing, and guards and keeps these sayings.

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