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Chapter One: Allah in the Bible

Answering the call of Athan


 I never met my mother-in-law.  She died of cancer long before I met her son, but he tells me she was a woman of faith who searched the scriptures daily.   This simple act of religious independence intrigues me, for it identifies her as a seeker of truth.  According to my husband, his mother would sometimes interrogate the minister to the point of frustration, asking questions about doctrine and dogma that he could not answer to her satisfaction. She was looking for something she could not find. Although I never knew her, I am certain I know what she was looking for, a kinder, gentler God she could love and not fear.

In her book, “The Force of Reason”, world renowned journalist and author, Oriana Fallaci, hints at a similar quest.  She expresses frustration bordering on anguish at her inability to explain the barbaric nature of God as portrayed in the Old Testament.  While she expresses great love and adoration for the compassionate teachings of Jesus, she is at a loss to explain the diabolical acts of his father. Both of these women were true believers who so loved Jesus that their very souls were offended by the God of Torah, who kills, steals and destroys. Their hearts desire was to love God like they cherished and adored his son, but every cell of their beings rebelled against worshipping a God they saw as punitive and cruel.

I know their hearts because I am like them.  We are kindred spirits and true believers who have wasted and worn out our lives in search of some rational explanation for what we see as irreconcilable differences between our beloved Jesus and his diabolical father. We sit outside the gates of Christendom, on the fringes of Christianity, torn between our love for Jesus and our dread of the war mongering God of Christendom. We are the hungry and the thirsty who have begged for bread and been given stones.

On September 11, 2001, the sons of Allah, who were largely invisible to the Western world, suddenly became the center of global attention. While I do my best to love my enemies as Jesus commanded, I am not a fan of the teachings of Islam or Judaism. Both espouse equally reprehensible doctrines, in my opinion. However, I came to understand that the teachings of Islam contain two great and eternal truths that have been lost to Christendom and are vital to its survival.

These two truths are actually taught by Jesus in the four gospels and if you will hear them, they are a light leading the way to freedom and they are bread for the hungry. They have the power to ignite a national and global paradigm shift that can restore truth to a church that has lost its way and balance to a critically unbalanced world. 

 Chapter One

“So I wept much, because no one was found worthy to open and read the book, or look upon it.”  Revelation 5:4

 The first great truth that has been lost to Christendom but remains intact in the teachings of Islam is the identity of God. Since Islam has been thrust into the global limelight, they have been screaming from the rooftops that the God of Moses is Allah.  Before you throw your head back and roar with laughter, consider this.  Jesus brought the gospel to Jerusalem, which during Biblical times, was the capital of Palestine. He delivered his message to the Farisees, who are known to us today as the Farsi people living in Iran.

The Farsi people are Muslims. Mahatma Gandhi referred to them in his writings as Moshe-lems, because they call themselves after the name of their prophet, Moshe, the Hebrew form of Moses. In the Old Testament, Moshe commanded his people to stone adulteresses to death and Moshe-lems are the only people on the face of the earth who faithfully execute this commandment.  Moshe-lems are disciples of Moses and the faithful keepers of Torah. Let this sink in. The church that Moses built is Islam. The sons of Allah keep Torah Law and faithfully follow the Old Testament commandments given by Moses.  Before we decide to welcome and embrace Torah in our land, we should understand who Moses really was and exactly who he worshipped as God.

Moses, the prophet of Islam, was a Levite, a fact that seems to have escaped us.  Let me repeat that.  Moses was not a Jew. Moses was a Levite and according to Torah, Levi is Hamas, a word we currently associate with radical Islamic terrorists. Hamas is a Hebrew word that means violent or cruel and in modern terms can be translated as terrorist.  On the last page of the book of Genesis, Jacob prophesies over his sons before his death.  His prophecy of Levi contains two words you are familiar with, Hamas and Mecca. These words have been disguised in the English text and replaced with the words cruelty and habitation.  In the following translation, I have restored them to their proper places.

Genesis 49:5-7

Simeon and LEVI are twins, vessels of Hamas, of Mecca. Oh, my soul, come not into their SECRET. Unto their assembly mine honor be not united:  for they are fierce and murderers of men, who take pleasure in sacrificing beasts. They are cursed because of their wrath and their great anger. With overflowing fury they will be cut off from among my sons and cast to the nations.

  Make no mistake.  Moses is the Levite Jacob warned his sons about in this scripture. On the very next page of the Bible, Moses, the Levite is born among the sons of Israel in Egypt. He began his “ministry” by murdering an Egyptian guard. He established a secret assembly of priests and spies to infiltrate the churches and governments of the nations. He erected the tent of the assembly of Levi in the wilderness.  He began a tradition of ritually slaughtering beasts, beheading blasphemers and stoning women and children to death. He waged jihad against Egypt and then against Canaan. Make no mistake. Moses the Levite is Hamas and his followers are cursed with overflowing destruction.

Levi is also the root word of Leviathon.  In the Bible Leviathon is called the great dragon, a serpent and the devil. Leviathon is actually a compound word consisting of Levi, meaning to join together, and Athan, the Islamic call to prayer from the minarets of the mosque. Levi-athon is the church or assembly of those who are joined together to answer the call of Allah and Athan. Levi-athon is Islam.

A Levite you are familiar with is Osama bin La’aden.  The name of La’adan can be found in the genealogies of the Old Testament, confirming that he was a literal descendant of Levi, a flesh and blood son of Moses and the legal heir and rightful administrator of the Law of Moses.  As we would expect, he was a son of Allah and Hamas. He could be nothing else. He called the whole earth to the worship of Allah.  Every eye has seen his face and every ear has heard his voice and we have judged the son of Moses a terrorist worthy of death.  If we were not blind, we would also judge his father, Moses, a terrorist worthy of death. Because we are blind, we call Moses the righteousness of God and his son, made in his image, the devil.

The Good News

Before moving on to the body of evidence I will present, I want to explain something to you.  If Allah is, in truth, the God of the Old Testament, this is good news indeed, not because we wish to worship Allah or make him our God, he is already our God. It is good news because by identifying Allah as the god who kills, steals and destroys, we can make the decision to stop worshipping him. We can quit trying to justify the violent, war mongering and barbaric Law of Moses as the righteousness of God and call it what it is, sin, abomination and evil that destroys the earth. 

Mahatma Gandhi spoke well when he said “An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind”.  Vengeance begets retribution.  Retribution begets hatred and hatred begets vengeance. The Law of Moses, which teaches “an eye for an eye”, is the Law of vengeance. It is a never ending cycle of destruction, a recipe for perpetual global warfare, referred to in the Book of Revelation as the Bottomless pit.  As long as we continue to believe the Law of Moses is the word of God and continue to follow it, we cannot and will not escape from the bondage of this destructive cycle that eventually destroys all who believe it. 

When I was growing up in Christendom, Jesus was considered the Word of God.  Over the years I have watched in horror as an insidious and dangerous doctrine has infiltrated Christendom, causing them to embrace very unchristian values such as torture, capital punishment and warfare.  A paradigm shift has occurred in Christianity and it is not a good one.  They have been taught and come to believe that the Bible is the word of god and it is not.  Jesus is the Word of God.  The significance of this seemingly innocuous shift away from loyalty to Jesus, the kind and compassionate, and towards Torah, cannot be overstated.  The results have been catastrophic for our nation and the world.

Immediately following the destruction of the twin towers on 911, I saw President George W. Bush stand up among religious leaders of the world and proclaim to the universe “We all worship the same God”.  These may well be the most dangerous words ever spoken and should have caused us to question exactly which God George was promoting as the common father of Islam, Judaism and Christianity. During his administration, George Bush and the congress of the United States of America passed a resolution known as the Noahide Laws.  The resolution was prepared and presented by a Jewish Rabbi. The purpose of this resolution was to acknowledge the Noahide laws as the standards by which Americans should strive to live. 

The Noahide laws are from the Law of Moses and forbid idolatry, murder, theft, sexual immorality and blasphemy.  They provide for the establishment of courts of religious law to judge these matters.  I want you to hear me.  The god of the Jews is Allah. There is no difference between Torah and Sharia.  Both terms refer to the Law of Moses, who is Levi and Hamas. It is written in Allah’s Torah that idolaters shall be decapitated, hung and burned at the stake. Sexual  immorality is punishable by stoning to death.  Theft is punishable by dismemberment. Blasphemy is punishable by decapitation. The worship of Jesus is forbidden. You may find these very Islamic laws online, listed as the 613 laws of the Jews, at and other sites. The George W. Bush administration set in motion the establishment of Sharia law in America.

The Jewish religious leaders have lied to and deceived this people and I want to be very clear about this. The Jewish people have not done this.  They are as blinded as we are to the diabolical schemes of their leaders. Like us, they have trusted their scholars and teachers to interpret scripture, and their leaders have deceived them as they have deceived us. America’s love affair with the nation of Israel and everything Jewish is misguided.  Israel is leading you into hell and you are paying them to do it, financing your own destruction and destroying your own freedoms as you strut happily into the bottomless pit singing the praises of your captors.

Ironically, it is Islam that has sounded the warning trumpet.  The sons of Allah are standing in the gap for you, screaming at you to hear them, telling you the truth, to which you are deaf: Allah is the god of Torah and Moses. Sharia and Torah are one law, the Law of Moses. Flee from Judaism.  And for this truth, for this warning we are destroying and slaughtering them.

When we hear the sons of Allah praise Moses as a prophet of Islam, most of us in the West experience some degree of cognitive dissonance.  We experience this in part because our minds have been deeply entrained from birth to believe that Moses is a prophet of the Jews. This belief is clear evidence of the effectiveness of indoctrination, for we continue to believe it, despite the reality that the Jews do not practice the Law of Moses, nor do they call themselves by the name of Moses, as the Muslims do. So effective is this entrainment that when we hear the word Jew or Jewish, we automatically think of the Law of Moses, despite the fact that Moses himself was not a Jew but a Levite.   The Bible is not the book of the Jews, was not written by Jews and the Torah is not the law of the Jews. Inasmuch as the people who call themselves Jews have followed it, they have erred and followed falsehood. The Bible is the book of the Levites. It was written by the sons of Allah and its law is Sharia. The more we embrace this law in our land and seek to establish it the more wicked and despotic this nation will become, because the law is sin. It violates human rights.  It disdains liberty and abhors freedom.

Another reason we experience a disconnection between Moses and Allah is that Allah’s name never once appears in the English translation of the Bible.  Reason dictates that if Allah is the God of Moses, Moses would have mentioned him, but his name is nowhere to be found.    Given these two conditions that work against our understanding, it is easy to see why our eyes are blinded and our ears are deaf to the idea that Allah is the God of the Old Testament.

Let me assure you that the name of Allah appears throughout the entire Hebrew text of Torah and the Prophets. An initial search showed the name of Allah written approximately 1300 times in the Bible, meaning it is written on every single page at least once. The fact that his name is not once written in the English translation should cause us to ask some serious questions of our trusted Hebrew scholars. Research shows that translators replaced the name of Allah with descriptive nouns like “god”, “oath”, “curse” and “burnt offering” which describe Allah’s attributes without revealing his name.  This should not be surprising given that one of Allah’s 99 names is Al-Ba’atin, the Hidden One.  You might, however, be surprised to know that every single Jewish Rabbi, priest, scholar and Divinity teacher is aware of Allah’s presence in Torah and this should outrage you. At the very least, it should cause you to question the integrity of your trusted teachers and do your own research.

I periodically monitor the God Learning Channel just to keep abreast of the latest deception they are unleashing on defenseless and unsuspecting Christians. The God Learning Channel is an independent network, based in Midland, Texas, that has its own satellite and broadcasts world-wide.  The people who run it claim to be Christians, but their entire network is dedicated to teaching Christians how to live Torah law.  The God Learning Channel is doing more to spread Islamic doctrine throughout the world than Islam ever did. It is anti-Christ.

I happened to tune in one day when Jewish scholar and teacher Rico Cortez was a guest.  In his impassioned discourse about the sins of Israel I heard him say “They were destroyed because they refused to obey Yahweh.  Yahweh was angry with them!  They would not follow the laws of Yahweh!!  They were destroyed because they refused to worship Allah!” In his fervor, Mr. Cortez let slip a truth it seems the “Jews” are hell bent on keeping from you.  Allah is the God of Moses and Yahweh is one of his 99 names.

If Allah is the God of the Old Testament, Allah has no son and this is the second great truth that has been lost to Christendom and preserved among the teachings of Islam. The God of the Old Testament is not the father of Jesus Christ and this is good news indeed.  Jesus did not call us to worship a God who kills, steals and destroys.  He called us to worship his father, who loves his enemies, judges no man and is light.  In him is no darkness at all.

                                                   Scofield and Elohim

The name of Allah in the Bible was self-evident to C. I. Scofield.  In his Reference Edition of the Bible, circa 1945, Scofield and eight Doctors of Divinity identified the God of the Old Testament as Allah in their very first footnote. The footnote has since been removed from the text.  Scofield wrote that the word rendered “God” in Genesis 1:1 is Elohim, sometimes shortened to El or Elahh, the English form of “God” and the phonetic equivalent of Allah.  He notes that Eloh-im “is the first of three primary names of Deity, a uni-plural noun formed from El, meaning strength, or the strong one, and Alah, meaning to swear, to bind oneself with a covenant or oath.”

Scofield recognized that in translating words from one language to another a process called transcription occurs, in which words are converted into their phonetic equivalents. Much of the Bible is written in Babylonian or Arabic dialect and there has never been and currently is no standardized transcription process from Arabic to English. Thus, when the Arabic name of Mohammad is translated into English, we might expect to find it spelled phonetically, according to the dialect of the translator. Mohammad, Mohammed, Muhammed, Muhammad or Mohamet are all equally valid representations of the name of Mohammad.  They are not different names with different meanings, but represent the same name because they sound the same when pronounced in English. So it is with the name of Allah. Scofield recognized that in Torah, which is written in the tongues of many nations, the name of Allah is phonetically rendered Alah, Elahh, Ola, Eloh and Olah, depending on the dialect of the writer.

The name of Elohim has mystified Biblical scholars because, as Dr. Scofield documented, it suggests a plural God, more than one, and the God of the Bible undeniably states that he is God alone and there is no other.  Scholars are further baffled by the fact that Elohim is not used exclusively to describe God, but appears in scripture referencing everything from angels to false gods. Elohim contains the name of Allah, phonetically rendered “Eloh” and a rather archaic suffix, “im” which means “the district of”, or “those who are with.” Thus, we discover that Eloh-im literally means “those who are with Allah”. The same archaic suffix is also used Biblically in the word Cherub-im, meaning “those who are with, or the district of” the Cherubs.

We can conclude, then, that Eloh-im can quite literally be translated as “the caliphate”, the vast, world wide body of believers who follow Eloh (Allah). Eloh-im contains the singular name of Allah, who is god alone, and a plural reference to his caliphate, or body of believers. It is similar in structure to the term Christ-ian or Moshe-lem. Both designations have a singular root which applies to the leader being named, followed by a plural suffix that includes the body of believers.

From time to time I have actually encountered scholars who openly acknowledge the name of Allah in Torah.  Their standard response is “So what?  Allah is simply the Arabic word for God”.  Do not be deceived. Allah is the proper name of the God specific to Islam, Muhammad and the Quran. “La ilaha ila Allah” is the Muslim declaration of faith and the first and last words every Muslim hears upon entering and leaving this world.  The words mean “There is no God but Allah.”  If Allah and God are interchangeable, the declaration of faith would read “There is no god but god” or “There is no Allah but Allah”. We can observe that no two words of the Islamic declaration of faith are the same, indicating that Allah and God are, in fact, not interchangeable.  Furthermore, in Islam, when Muslims speak or write the name of Allah, they follow the mention of his name immediately with a phrase equivalent to “Blessed be his NAME”.  In Islam it is understood that Allah is the proper name of god and that his name is to be given praise. In like manner, the name of Mohammed is also followed by “Blessed be his name.” Allah is the name of the God of Islam just as surely as Mohammad is the name of the prophet.

The Hidden Name

The Islamic tradition of blessing or praising the name of Allah is found in the Bible at Daniel 2:19-23. When the name of Allah is restored to its proper place, the passage reads “…Then Daniel blessed Alah.  Daniel answered and said “Blessed be the name” of Alah, forever and ever, for wisdom and might are his…I thank thee, and praise thee, Oh Alah, of my fathers, who has given me wisdom and might…”. 

If you open up your Bible to this scripture, you will undoubtedly read “Then Daniel blessed God.”  I do not ask you to trust my translation.  I ask you to pick up a Strong’s Concordance either in print or online and look up this scripture. You will find that the word translated as “God”, is Alah, in the original text.

The book of Daniel makes multiple references to Alah and the Caliphate, often combining the two in a body of evidence that leaves no doubt that Allah and the Eloh-im are one.  Of particular interest is Daniel 9:11, a number familiar to us all since the attacks on the World Trade Center in 2001.  Allah appears twice in this scripture, when his name is restored to its proper place.

                                                              Daniel 9:11

Yea all Israel have transgressed thy Torah, even by departing that they might not obey thy voice, therefore ALAH is poured upon us, and the oath that is written in the Torah of Moses the servant of ELAHH-IM, because we have sinned against him.

Daniel alerts us to the truth that Moses was a servant Allah and the caliphate. The same combination also appears in Nehemiah:

Nehemiah 10:29

They clave to their brethren, their nobles, and came unto ALAH and entered into an oath to walk in ELAHH-IM’s Torah, which was given by Moses the servant of god, and to observe and do the commandment of Jehovah’s Adown (Athon, Adan) and his judgments and his statutes.

Nehemiah uses the phrase “Elahh-im’s Torah”, a phrase also found in Psalm 40:8.  According to Nehemiah Torah is not Jewish and does not belong to the Jews but to the Elah-im, the caliphate of Allah.  Nehemiah also uses the phrase “Jehovah’s Adown”. If you remember, Athan is the Islamic call to prayer from the minerets of Allah’s mosque.  It can be phonetically rendered Athan, adan, eden, adown and adon. While we believe that Adan, the call to prayer, belongs exclusively to Islam and Allah, Nehemiah testifies that Adan belongs to Jehovah.  These two phrases, “Allah’s Torah” and “Jehovah’s Adan” are completely backward from what we have been taught.  We have been taught and believed that Torah belongs to Jehovah and the Jews while Adan is the exclusive domain of Allah and Islam, but this is not what is written.

           Both Daniel and Nehemiah agree and testify of a truth that Islam has been screaming from the rooftops.   Moses is a prophet and servant of Allah and the Caliphate. Torah and Sharia are one law.  In the Arabic language the Law of Moses is called Sharia, but in the Hebrew language, the Law of Moses is called Torah. Make no mistake.  There is no difference between Sharia and Torah in practice.  Both call for the stoning of adulteresses, the beheading of blasphemers and a world-wide theocracy based upon the Law of Moses.  Sharia and Torah are no more different than house and casa.  Jehovah and Allah are the left and the right hand of the same body.  They are the same God. 

Daniel and Nehemiah testify  that Moses is the servant of the Caliphate and Allah. Here is a mere sampling of scriptures in which the name of Allah has been hidden. 
                                                           Exodus 10:25

And Moses said (to Pharoah) Thou must give us also sacrifices for OLAH, that we may sacrifice unto the Lord our God.

                                                                   Ezra 5:1

Then the prophet Haggai…prophesied to the Jews who were in Judah and Jerusalem, in the name of ELAHH of Israel, who was over them.


Jeremiah 4:7

The Lion of ALAH has woven a network to destroy the gentiles, to break up their camp. He has gone forth from/to Maqow-im to desolate the land. The cities will be utterly ruined.


Joshua 4:16

Command the priests who bear the ark of the testimony of ALAH over Jordan.


Exodus 40:6

And thou shalt set the altar of OLAH before the door of the tabernacle of the tent of the congregation.


             It becomes clear that the God of Moses is Allah. In the above scriptures we  not only discover that the god of Moses is Allah, but that the altar, the tabernacle and the Ark of the covenant also belong to Allah. Allah has 99 names, one of which is Jehovah. When you pray to the god of Moses you pray to Allah.  When you proclaim the righteousness of the Law of Moses, you proclaim your approval of, and agreement with, Hamas.  When you seek to establish the Law of Moses in this land, you seek to establish Sharia law and you are an enemy of freedom and liberty.


We have been blind to what and who we worship.  We have worshipped falsehood, lies and violence.  We have worshipped a violent and merciless god and have become a violent and merciless people.  Our society is not destroyed for lack of God, as many Christians believe.  Our society is destroyed because a growing number of people worship an evil, diabolical, merciless and heartless God, who teaches us to hate and to kill and to torture.  Jesus did not teach us this God.

Jesus, a Taoist, told the followers of Moses they worshipped the Devil.  They falsely accused him of being a terrorist and crucified him.  Gandhi, a Hindu, told us that Torah doctrine of “an eye for an eye” has blinded the whole world.  He was murdered.  Martin Luther King Jr., a Christian, once stood before the United States Congress and told them they worshipped the God of war.  He was assassinated. Osama bin La’aden, a Moslem, told us we worship the Devil.  We hunted him down and killed him. All of these men were prophets who have told you the truth about the God of the Old Testament.  He is the Devil. He is not God.  Do not worship him.  Apparently, it is ill advised to tell the truth about Torah and the God of Moses. Perhaps that is because Moses commanded his followers to kill any prophet who taught Alah was not god.

You cannot and will not save your country, your constitution or your freedom while supporting Israel and embracing the God of Moses.  These are the very things that are stealing your country from beneath your feet. You cannot fight Sharia with Torah for they are one law. The only thing that can and will save this country and the world is a return to the teachings of Jesus. That said, this generation has never known the teachings of Jesus. They have been stolen from you by false teachers who have taught you the lie that Jesus was a Torah observant Jewish Rabbi. 



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